Real transformations you’ll love to see 

Court Lewis (age 34), FL

“Male pattern baldness reversed! 6 months ago I took the Muni’s quiz and got my personal solution. Muni guru’s advice on diet also worked magic. Result - reduced anxiety, better gut, and fuller hair!”

Root cause - Vata Dosha, Poor diet

Transformation - 6 months

Abhi Sarin (age 31), CA

“Muni’s amazing ayurvedic ingredients were customized for my particular concern. They selected a hybrid of Bhringraj, Jatamansi and Turmeric for me which helped with new miniature hair.”

Root cause - Pitta Dosha, Gut health

Transformation - 6 months

Mohit U (age 32), TX

"I'm an ayurvedic therapist and have recommend Muni's solutions even to my clients who have seen tremendous changes. I can vouch for the ingredients - very authentic and powerful."

Root cause - Pitta Dosha, Gut health

Transformation - 3 months

Sara Gonzalez (age 34), AZ

“Struggled with female alopecia throughout my 20s. Muni’s consultation identified my root causes. I got a formulation with Bhringraj and Turmeric which were more effective than any pharma drugs.”

Root cause – Pitta Dosha, Female Alopecia

Transformation – 4 months

Max Kaye (age 42), CA

“Muni Ayurveda found that I had Vata Dosha. They made a formulation with Bhringraj, Castor oil which was safe and effective. My regards to their ayurvedic guru for fixing my lifestyle and bringing back my hair.”

Root cause - Vata Dosha, Genetic baldness

Transformation - 7 months
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Dianne Baxton (age 53), MO

"I used Muni's hair oil, shampoo and serum for 3 months and was delighted to see my hair thicken. This was the only regime that worked for me at my age. Ayurveda experts guided me well. I have now embraced the ayurvedic lifestyle!"

Root cause - Vata Dosha, Diet

Transformation - 4 months

Ritvik Kapoor (age 38), NJ

“Only solution that gave authentic ayurvedic consultation for male pattern baldness. Using Muni, I noticed new baby hair in just 4 months. Muni fixed my hairline naturally and effectively.

Root cause – Pitta Dosha, Sleep disorder

Transformation – 4 months

Disha Kapila (age 26), CO

“I trusted Muni because they didn’t sell overnight results. They focus on root causes and holistic changes. Patience and consistency brought back my thick, dense hair that I had in India.”

Root cause – Pitta Dosha, High Stress, Gut health

Transformation – 5 months

The Muni Journey

Take Muni’s Hair test
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Identifying unique root causes

Our ayurvedic experts help to investigate root causes which lead to hairfall – e.g. Dosha (unique characteristics), stress, suboptimal diet, medication, genetics etc.

Use of ayurvedic super-ingredients

Authentically sourced ingredients like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla and Turmeric which have clinically proven to be more effective than Minoxidil

Access to India’s top ayurvedic gurus

Muni’s experts will recommend root-cause based diet and lifestyle improvements that can permanently reverse hair loss (e.g. providing protein-rich, natural diet plans for follicle-strengthening)

Money back guarantee

6-month money back guarantee if you follow the regime (no false promises! We can’t treat stage 6 balding and above!)

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Specializing in root-cause driven hair loss treatment. Our experts follow the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to first understand your concerns, identify root causes through Doshas, and then reccomend a tailored treatment. Along with our customized regime, Muni's experts can help reverse your hair loss naturally and permanently

The ancient wisdom
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