We only source the most authentic ingredients for your custom regime, and that is currently taking some time (specifically Bhringraj). We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, Muni's ayurveda experts can provide personalized guidance based on your Dosha and Hair History:

Ayurveda Consultation

Dr. Namrata and Aarushi have over 20+ combined years experience in reversing hair loss permanently through tailored solutions

  • Dosha & Hair Analysis: Uncover root causes of hair issues.

  • Custom Plan: Personalized hair care, diet, and lifestyle advice.

  • Progress tracking: Expert guidance with monthly check-ins.

  • Ancient techniques: Discover secrets to enhance hair growth.

  • Dosha & Hair Analysis: Uncover root causes of hair issues.

  • Custom Plan: Personalized hair care, diet, and lifestyle advice.

  • Progress tracking: Expert guidance with monthly check-ins.

  • Ancient techniques: Discover secrets to enhance hair growth.

Consultation fees

$20.00 $35.00

Rendering loop-subscriptions

Consultation fees

$20.00 $35.00

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Know your Dosha analysis

Your Dosha is

Your primary elements are Fire and Water!

Your primary elements are Air and Space!

Your primary elements are Earth and Water!

Your elements are Fire, Water and Earth!

Your elements are Fire, Air and Space!

Your elements are Water, Air and Earth!

Scalp Sensitivity:

A Pitta imbalance may manifest as heightened sensitivity in the scalp, making it prone to irritation. It's like your scalp is saying, "Handle with care, please!" Increased sensitivity can contribute to discomfort and, in some cases, may be associated with hair loss.

Hair Vitality

The influence of Pitta on the health and natural color of hair extends beyond aesthetics. Changes in texture and strength may occur, impacting overall hair vitality. Pitta imbalance requires 'soothing agents' that can increase oxygen flow to the scalp.

Texture imbalance:

Vata imbalance often introduces noticeable changes in hair texture, making it more susceptible to dryness or brittleness. These alterations can affect the natural strength of the hair, contributing to hair thinning and hair loss. 'Oiling' should become a critical part of the hair regime.

Scalp dryness:

A Vata imbalance may lead to a dry scalp, causing discomfort and potential flakiness. Dryness in the scalp can sometimes contribute to balding as the scalp health is compromised. Basically the scalp's way of saying - a little moisture won't help, you know?

Scalp oiliness:

Imbalances in Kapha may result in an excessively oily scalp, impacting both volume and appearance. This excess oiliness can create an environment that contributes to potential hair loss. It's like your scalp's shouting, "A little less shine, please!"

Hair heaviness:

Kapha's influence on the hair’s natural bounce and density can make it appear heavy or lifeless. While it can appear voluminous, it can also lead to quicker damage. On good hair days, you can embrace the weightiness - it's like having a built-in hair accessory!

Scalp Sensitivity:

Kapha-Pitta combination may result in a scalp that experiences both oiliness and sensitivity to heat. This dual imbalance can lead to scalp discomfort, with greasiness and occasional inflammation. Your scalp's way of saying - "I'm a little moody right now, might blow hot and cold!"

Hair heaviness:

The blend of Kapha and Pitta influences may lead to hair that is thick yet sensitive to heat. This combination can requie measures to balance its natural moisture levels. On some days, your hairdo will resemble a lion's mane - go ahead and embrace it, like the fierce formidable Pitta Kapha that you are!

Scalp Imbalance:

Pitta-Vata combination may result in a scalp that experiences both sensitivity and dryness. This dual imbalance can play Jekyll and Hyde and cause discomfort, with occasional bouts of irritation and flakiness. Your scalp requires soothing serums and gentle cleansers to restore equilibrium.

Texture issues:

The blend of Pitta and Vata influences may lead your hair to be like a box of chocolates - you never know what you'll get! It can have variability in hair texture, with periods of both dryness and brittleness. This requires specialised care with gentle but effective ingredients to improve hair health.

Scalp imbalance:

Vata-Kapha combination may result in a scalp that experiences both dryness and oiliness. This contradictory imbalance can lead to scalp discomfort, with areas of dryness alongside greasiness, requiring serums with an acrobat's balance to maintain scalp health.

Hair heaviness:

The blend of Vata and Kapha influences may lead to hair that is both thick and heavy. This combination can be complex and make the hair prone to issues like oiliness at the roots and dryness at the ends - necessitating a tailored approach to properly restore vitality.

What to expect from Muni expert consultations?

Real transformations you’ll love to see 

Ritvik Kapoor (age 38), NJ

“Only solution that gave authentic ayurvedic consultation for male pattern baldness. Using Muni, I noticed new baby hair in just 4 months. Muni fixed my hairline naturally and effectively.”

Root cause - Pitta Dosha, Sleep Disorder

Transformation - 4 months

Sara Gonzalez (age 34), AZ

“Struggled with female alopecia throughout my 20s. Muni’s consultation identified my root causes. I got a formulation with Bhringraj and Turmeric which were more effective than any pharma drugs.”

Root cause - Pitta Dosha, Female Alopecia

Transformation - 4 months

Court Lewis (age 34), FL

“Male pattern baldness reversed! 6 months ago I took the Muni’s quiz and got my personal solution. Muni guru’s advice on diet also worked magic. Result - reduced anxiety, better gut, and fuller hair!”

Root cause - Vata Dosha, Gut health

Transformation - 6 months

Abhi Sarin (age 31), CA

"Muni’s amazing ayurvedic ingredients were customized for my particular concern. They selected a hybrid of Bhringraj, Jatamansi and Turmeric for me which helped with new miniature hair."

Root cause - Pitta Dosha, Gut health

Transformation - 6 months

Customer Reviews

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Jasmeet Kaur
On month 4 of Muni subscription - finally showing results

I took the Dosha test (I had no idea what a Dosha is!), but it was eye opening. My Vata Dosha (challenges with dryness and scantiness and how general constitution prevents thick hair growth) was explained well by their ayurveda expert after I took their subscription. I followed a simple routine of meditation, breathing, and oil massaging using their Bhringraj and Rosemary oil. Simple three step routine, with diet and lifestyle changes is what brought my thick, beautiful hair that I had back in India, within 4 months of using their subscription

Gaurav Kapoor
Forget Rogaine or minoxidil or Finestaride

Mid-thirties male, I was devastated after using Minoxidil for my crown balding. It led to more shedding and palpitations issues. That's when I read a lot of reddit reviews about Muni Ayurveda and decided to try it. It's not a fool-proof solution for sure. It takes consistency, discipline and time. But if you're able to invest that kind of energy - it might be the best thing to happen in your life. In short - I'm in a much better place now. My crown balding has reversed almost entirely within eight months. My lifestyle is cleaner, more disciplined and healthier in a natural way. Thank you to Muni ayurveda gurus

Juan M.


Jamar W.


Nitin Sharma
Unable to connect with the ayurveda expert

I have received the products. Pls send consultation link